Helicopter Tour

Dubai-based real estate broker, offmarketlistingdubai.com, has launched an innovative new service to showcase their luxury properties to potential investors - helicopter tours over the city's most sought-after communities. The company is the first in Dubai to offer this unique service, which will allow investors to view the city's most exclusive properties from a bird's-eye perspective. With limited time in the city, investors can select from a range of helicopter tours over iconic areas such as Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills and Dubai Marina. From the sky, potential investors can get an unparalleled view of the luxurious properties and the stunning skyline that Dubai is renowned for. After selecting an area they would like to explore, Offmarketlistingdubai.com will provide a chauffeur-driven luxury VIP vehicle to tour the properties on the ground. This service is ideal for busy investors who have limited time in the country, allowing them to view multiple properties in a short space of time. Offmarketlistingdubai.com offers exclusive access to off-market properties in some of the most desirable locations in Dubai. The company has established relationships with high-net-worth individuals and developers, which allows them to provide a range of exclusive properties that are not available on the open market.

Palm Jumeirah


1.4,000AED Helicopter management booking plus reservations deposit fee that Is fully refundable will be taken at time of reservation 2.1st 50 customers that allow us to broker your property purchase are eligible 3.Must have a valid passport 4.Proof of funds or bank pre approval required ( we can offer assistance with pre approval process) 5.Management booking will be deducted from the brokers commission amount 6.Complimentary chauffeur also included subject to availability 7.Helicopter flight is subject to weather conditions 8.Time period to source property capped at 12 months 9.Complimentary flight is only available to the property buyer as per the title deed plus 2 guests that uses our brokerage services at the 2% brokerage fee for a property transaction above 3.6 million AED. 10. Rules can be subject to change without notice. See your property from the sky!